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Precisely Align the Perfect Large Language Model (LLM) with Each Query.
Experience Over 70% Reduction in LLM Costs.
Discover Maigrate, the no-code platform designed to empower you in creating your very own Generative AI copilots for any imaginable application, all within a matter of minutes. With Maigrate at your disposal, the process of bringing AI copilots to life becomes effortless. And that's not all – once your co-pilots are up and running, the Maigrate Optimizer steps in as your ultimate companion. It dynamically pairs each user query with the most suitable Large Language Model (LLM), ensuring unparalleled accuracy in query responses. This seamless optimization slashes LLM usage costs by over 70%.
Embark on your copilot journey in 3 simple steps.
Select template

Choose from our curated collection of pre-designed templates, each tailor-made for specific use cases. Each template is armed with a suite of robust instructions meticulously crafted to suit your chosen application.

Prefer to pioneer your own path? Utilize the master template as your canvas, allowing you to shape your copilot's instructions according to your preferences.

Customize with any data source

Infuse your distinct identity into your copilot or align it seamlessly with your organization’s priorities. Harness the ability to upload diverse data types from files and links to documents and beyond. This empowers your GenAI copilot to learn from your unique data, adopting your tone and absorbing pertinent background information.

Refine and deploy

Once your copilot takes shape, fine-tuning is a breeze. Run tests, enrich or modify data sources, and calibrate its instructions effortlessly. Ready for the world to experience your creation? Integration is seamless – whether you wish to embed it within your website (in chatbot, search, and more formats), transform it into a plugin, or directly operate it from your copilot console. Your AI copilot is primed to take flight!

Maigrate : Your Gateway to Powerful AI Copilots

Unleash Limitless Potential.

Optimize Outputs.

Minimize Costs.

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Seamless Creation With No Code
Tired of hunting for engineers to materialize your GenAI copilot vision? Bid adieu to the quest as Maigrate introduces a no-code avenue for crafting sophisticated copilots. Our platform grants you the freedom to develop cutting-edge copilots without the need for coding expertise. Blend your chosen Large Language Models (LLMs) effortlessly and wield the power to tailor them to your exact specifications.
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Fusion of LLM Expertise

Drowning in the sea of choi2es between ChatGPT, BERT, Llama or other LLMs? The Maigrate Optimizer erases uncertainty by leveraging the optimal LLM for each query, ensuring peak output accuracy. It's the genius behind elevating your copilot's responses to unmatched levels.

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Cost Precision, Pay Efficiency

Why bear the brunt of full LLM API costs for elementary queries like "what's 2+2"? Maigrate revolutionizes the landscape by finely tuning LLM costs to match true requirements, all without compromising precision. No more shelling out excess funds – it's about paying exactly what's essential for each query.

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Flexi-Licensing Redefined

Shackled by exorbitant development licenses for your GenAI initiatives? Maigrate flips the script by granting you complimentary access to your initial queries. From there, scalability is in your hands, enabling you to calibrate licensing expenses in harmony with your demands and usage patterns.

Cost-Effective and 95% Accurate: How to Classify Customer Queries Using LLMs
With the advent of large language models (LLMs), it’s crucial to understand how these powerful tools can be utilized in real-world scenarios. In this series of posts, I will explore benchmarking LLMs using existing datasets and NLP problems. This article focuses on a technique called retrieval-augmented few-shot prompting and evaluates the performance of LLMs on a multi-class intent classification task using the BANKING77dataset.
Infinite Co-Pilots, Limitless Possibilities!
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